Where can I shop Hot Fluff in person?

Come by these upcoming events to find Hot Fluff!

Levitate Music Festival - Friday, Saturday, Sunday July 5-7 - Marshfield Fairgrounds, MA - 12:30pm - 9:30pm

Newport Folk Festival - Friday, Saturday, Sunday July 26-28 - Fort Adams, Newport RI - 10am - 7pm

Can't make it to a market? Find Hot Fluff in these Newport stores:

Matriarch is full of books, gifts, and groceries. All products come from women-owned businesses. Their goods run rich with feminist themes and are often food-related! Located at 468 Thames Street, Newport, RI. 

Folk Vintage has an incredible collection of vintage clothing and one-of-a-kind accessories! Located at 446 Thames Street, Newport, RI.

Overlap is an artist-run gallery and retail space, filled with super unique work, perfect for gift giving or treating yourself to some inspiration! Located at 112 Van Zandt Avenue, Newport, RI.

How do I care for my earrings? 

Hot Fluff earrings are all handmade! Treat them right and they will last for years to come! I recommend taking earrings off before swimming, showering, or sleeping. 

Avoid exposing earrings to direct sunlight for long periods of time. Prolonged sun exposure may cause resin items to fade in color.

Overtime fine metals can tarnish, especially in humidity. Give them a gentle polish with a rag and they'll shine up like new! Do not submerge earrings in liquid polish cleaner - I can't say how non-metal earring elements will react.

Do you have clip-on earrings?

Yes!! Other than stud styles, I can convert my earrings into clip-ons! Clip-ons are made from solid sterling silver or 14k gold fill. It's easy to adjust the tightness on the ear lobe clasp, making them a comfortable choice for anyone without piercings.

Leave a note at checkout if you want your earrings converted to clip-ons.

I have a metal allergy, do you have other ear hook options?

I do! Leave a note at checkout if you want your earrings switched to acrylic ear hooks. They're made from clear plastic and won't irritate those with a metal allergy. 

What materials do you use?

All earring hooks, hoops and studs are either solid sterling silver or 14K gold fill. Gold fill wire consists of a thick layer of gold over a tiny core of brass metal. This gives gold fill wire the same attributes as solid gold at a more affordable rate. Unlike plated jewelry, it won't wear down and holds up to daily wear.

I use a variety of mixed mediums in my work to achieve wearable, life-like designs. Regular favorites are polymer clay and Total Boat Makerpoxy. I love sourcing less conventional materials to the jewelry world: expanding foam, wooden veneer, velvet flocking fiber, foil, paper. Ensuring durability is my top priority!

I make all my own molds. Checkout my instagram for more on my process!

Are your earrings lightweight?

All earrings are super lightweight. I prioritize comfort and wearability when designing earrings. Most item listings have detailed information on specific dimensions/ weight.

When can I expect my order to ship?

After placing your order, you can expect items to ship out in 1-3 business days.

If you have any specific questions about your order, contact me at shophotfluff@gmail.com. 

What's your return policy? 

Contact me at shophotfluff@gmail.com for inquiries on returns!

I'm waiting on a restock - when can I expect sold out items to return?

Email or message me on Instagram if you're waiting for a specific item to be restocked! My priority goes to top selling items, so if I know people are waiting for a specific item, I'll get right on it! I'm a one person team here at Hot Fluff, so your patience is appreciated! 

What's next for Hot Fluff? 

Lately I've been experimenting on collaborations with fellow artists/ businesses and it has been so fulfilling!

I'm always scheming on new ideas! My instagram is the best place to stay up to date on what new items I'm about to drop! 

Do you do wholesale?

Yes! Email me at shophotfluff@gmail.com and let me know what styles you're interested in! 

For any other questions, reach me at shophotfluff@gmail.com or on instagram @hottfluff.